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Passenger Bill of Rights

Mokulele Airlines Customer Bill of Rights

This document applies to all Mokulele Airlines Flights operated by Mokulele Flight Service Inc. Our customer service plan is intended to provide you with information regarding Mokulele Airlines policies, procedures and methods for handling certain aspects of your travel on our airline, including those exceptions that may occur in your travel plans.

Offer the lowest fare available

Through its telephone reservations systems, website (www.mokuleleairlines.com), at airports and through city ticket offices, Mokulele Airlines will offer the lowest fare available for which the customer is eligible based on the date, flight and Class of Service

Mokulele Airlines agents are trained to offer customers the lowest available fare in the market. This includes all agents
representing Mokulele Airlines at our reservations centers, airport ticket counters and city ticket offices. Mokulele Airlines
reservations’ policy and practice dictates that all reservations agents sell the lowest available fare in a given market per flight
segment unless otherwise specified by the consumer. Reservations agents utilize automated methods through the computer
reservations system to accomplish this. Certain fares such as internet promotions are not accessible to the reservations
agent and must be purchased through other means.

Notify customers of known delays, cancellations and diversions

When unforeseen problems occur and flights are delayed, canceled or diverted, Mokulele Airlines will make reasonable efforts to
notify customers at the airport and onboard an affected aircraft, in a timely and accurate manner, with the best available
information regarding known delays, cancellations and diversions.
It is Mokulele Airlines`s policy is to provide updated announcements no later than every 30 minutes. Details of the delay will be
announced as communicated via flight information found in the reservation and check-in computer system and from the
Operation Control Center.

Cancellations prior to departure date

Mokulele Airlines agents shall attempt to contact customers when their flight cancels prior to day of departure. The Reservations
Assistance Department rebooks customers and handles callbacks for customers prior to the day of departure. It is
recommended that all customers reconfirm their itinerary 24 to 48 hours prior to departure.

Flight cancellations at the airport

In the event of a flight cancellation, Mokulele Airlines will take steps to reaccommodate customers on the next Mokulele Airlines
flight, providing space is available. Depending on the type of ticket purchased, the reason for the flight irregularity and
availability. Mokulele Airlines will not provide alternative travel on other air carriers in the event of a cancelation or delay.
Services to mitigate passenger inconvenience from cancellations and misconnections

Non-diversion cancellations and missed connections

When a Mokulele Airlines flight on which the customer is being transported is canceled or causes a missed connection, due to
reasons within the control of Mokulele Airlines, creating an overnight stay, for the customer, Mokulele Airlines will provide one night’s

Mokulele Airlines will pay for:

• Hotel room (Mokulele Airlines will not cover ancillary charges including but not limited to: room service, alcohol, or
movies, laundry or other hotel services)
• Ground transportation (if not provided by the hotel)
• Passengers without baggage will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts for reasonable incidentals such as
toiletries needed until they are reunited with their baggage
Mokulele Airlines will not provide hotel accommodations when a flight is canceled or causes a missed connection due to
circumstances beyond our control, such as weather or Air Traffic Control decisions. Additional exceptions where Mokulele Airlines will not provide hotel accommodations include:
• To a customer whose trip is interrupted at a city which is his/her origin point, point of scheduled temporary stay, or
his/her permanent domicile.

In cases where Mokulele Airlines will not provide one night’s lodging, Mokulele Airlines will provide passengers a list of hotels/motels,
which offer a distressed rate when flight(s) are canceled. Mokulele Airlines shall not be responsible for any charges associated with air travel not booked on Mokulele Airlines, including but not limited to rebooking fees and/or change fees under any circumstances.

Diversion (Flight is diverted to an alternate airport and canceled)

The pilots or flight attendants will advise the customers of the reason for the diversion. The customers may need to remain
onboard. When time permits, the flight attendants will provide a limited beverage service. In the cases when the customers
must deplane, all carry-on baggage and personal property must be removed from the cabin.

Alternate airport operation

Some irregular operations may require landing at alternate airports, with bus service to the final destination. It is acceptable
to allow a customer to leave directly from an alternate airport without requiring him/her to travel to the final destination.

City served by Mokulele Airlines

When a flight (aircraft) is diverted to a city served by Mokulele Airlines or codeshare partner, and canceled, the customer service
representatives in that city will reaccommodate customers on the next Mokulele Airlines flight.

City not served by Mokulele Airlines

When a flight (aircraft) is diverted and then canceled in a city not served by Mokulele Airlines or a codeshare partner, the Mokulele Airlines Operations Control Center will make arrangements with other carriers and/or hotel accommodations. Once the
flight attendants receive word from the flight deck, they will communicate to the customers the reason for the diversion (if
they are permitted to disclose), estimated time of departure and/or accommodations.

On-time baggage delivery

Mokulele Airlines makes every reasonable effort to deliver bags in a timely manner (within 24 hours) and will attempt to contact
any customer whose unclaimed, checked luggage contains a name and address or telephone number.

An example of a situation that may prevent baggage from being returned within 24 hours is when the bag tag is missing and
the identification on the outside of the checked baggage does not contain a phone number.

Mokulele Airlines advises all customers to place identification on the inside and the outside of all checked baggage. This enables
our agents to contact passengers who have not claimed their checked baggage. Agents are instructed to call the phone
number listed on the bag tag should an unclaimed checked bag be found.

Customers must submit written notice of delayed baggage within four hours of flight arrival. When a customer reports a
delayed bag, the baggage tracing system is used to initiate the search. Tracing efforts begin as soon as the delay is
reported. Mokulele Airlines realizes the concern and inconvenience and will do everything possible to quickly reunite the
customer and their baggage.

When customers have made a claim within four hours of flight arrival and baggage is delayed for 24 hours or longer after
making a claim, Mokulele Airlines provides our customers the following:
• Reimbursement for reasonable interim expenses, such as toiletries will be considered upon submission of receipts
1. Interim expense allowance is paid per ticketed customer, not per bag
2. No compensation is allowable in the customer’s domicile
3. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.

If a bag is considered lost, Mokulele Airlines will refund baggage fees paid by the passenger for the lost bag.
Allow reservations to be canceled without penalty for a defined period of time

Mokulele Airlines will cancel a purchased ticket for a full refund without penalty for up to 24 hours after purchase, in order to give
customers an opportunity to check for lower fares through other distribution systems, such as travel agents or the internet.
This policy applies to refundable as well as non-refundable fares.

Refunds will be processed via the Mokulele Airlines reservations department regardless of when the tickets were purchased and
the type of ticket (paper or electronic). Changes made to the itinerary more than 24 hours after purchase will be assessed
the current change fee regardless of when the tickets were purchased.

To request a full refund on a ticket canceled within 24 hours of purchase, you must call [phone needed].

Provide prompt ticket refunds

Mokulele Airlines will refund tickets purchased within the last 24 hours, and fully-refundable unused tickets purchased by credit
card, within seven business days of receipt of the refund application. Tickets purchased within the last 24 hours, and
refundable unused tickets purchased with cash or check, will be refunded within 20 business days of receipt of the refund application. Mokulele Airlines will provide a refund of all optional fees charged to a passenger for services that the passenger
was unable to use due to an oversale or flight cancelation.

Disabled Individuals and Passengers Requiring Assistance

It is the policy of Mokulele Airlines to provide equal opportunity for all would-be travelers. Accordingly, Mokulele Airlines will not refuse to provide transportation to a disabled individual, who may be transported in accordance with the Company’s FAA-approved operating procedures, on the basis of his or her disability provided that he or she is able ascend and descend stairs without the use of a lift device. Mokulele Airlines may refuse to provide transportation to any customer whose carriage may impair the safety of the flight in accordance with the provisions of this contract, and may refuse to provide transportation to any customer whose carriage would violate federal regulations (including FAA and TSA regulations) or the Company’s FAA-issued operating manuals. In exercising this authority, however, Mokulele Airlines personnel will not discriminate against any disabled individual solely on the basis of the disability.

For your safety, to travel in our Cessna aircraft, customers must be able to ascend and descend several steps to board the aircraft without the use of a lift device. Mokulele’s aircraft only hold 9 passengers and therefore, are not required to provide enplaning or deplaning lift devices. Please refer to the Air Carrier Access Act, section 382.97 for more details.

Customers who, because of age, mental or physical condition, disability or impairment, require individual attention or consideration to enplane or deplane an aircraft or to manage oneself during the flight in normal operations or emergency conditions, will be afforded a reasonable amount of assistance by Mokulele Airlines employees. This assistance will be in a dignified, safe, professional and courteous manner and at all times. Mokulele Airlines will consult with the customer about any assistance and special plans arranged on the customer’s behalf. Mokulele Airlines will extend this assistance to all qualified individuals with a disability as this legal term is more broadly defined to protect all those who may otherwise suffer from discriminatory practices.

Mokulele Airlines permits the accompanying of service animals in the cabin free of charge.

Handle “bumped” passengers with fairness and consistency

During a denied boarding situation, Mokulele Airlines makes available the “Mokulele Airlines Disrupted Travel Brochure”. The
brochure explains Mokulele Airlines`s obligations and the passenger’s rights in the case of an oversold flight in accordance with
regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Mokulele Airlines will first solicit volunteers to give up their reservations
(seats), in exchange for compensation. When Mokulele Airlines does not receive enough volunteers, Mokulele Airlines may deny
boarding involuntarily to passengers holding a confirmed reservation. Mokulele Airlines may assign and release seats based
upon special needs, time of check-in, product purchased, frequent flyer status, and/or ease of re-accommodation.
It is the Mokulele Airlines policy to never intentionally cause a passenger to be inconvenienced when he/she holds a confirmed
reservation on a Mokulele Airlines flight. However, due to operational requirements, inventory control policies and a varying
degree of no-show passengers, there will be times when passengers cannot be accommodated on the booked flight. When
these conditions occur, it is our’ policy to arrange the first available alternate accommodations as efficiently as possible
and/or compensate eligible passengers in accordance with existing Mokulele Airlines Tariffs and Department of Transportation
(DOT) regulations.

Mokulele Airlines will not deny boarding involuntarily to any passenger until airline personnel first ask for volunteers who will give
up their reservations willingly in exchange for some form of compensation. It is always the goal to obtain 100% voluntary
denied boardings.

If a ticketed customer asks if the flight is overbooked, the employee responsible for such information in their day-to-day work
activities would be expected to respond accurately if the information is available.

Passenger check-in requirements and cancellation of reservations

All reservations (including those on continuing and return flights) are subject to cancellation without notice if the following
1. The passenger has not purchased a validated ticket indicating confirmed seat(s) at least thirty (30) minutes prior to
scheduled departure of the flight, or earlier if a greater time limit is specified.
2. The passenger fails to fulfill the requirements of the fare type to which the reservation applies.
3. If the passenger is not present at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time, even if
the passenger has already checked-in for the flight at a place designated for check-in (i.e., a ticket counter, web
check-in, kiosk, etc.). 4. If such action is necessary to comply with any governmental regulation, or to comply with any governmental
request for emergency transportation in connection with the national defense, or whenever such action is
necessary or advisable by reason of weather or other conditions beyond Mokulele Airlines`s control.
5. If Mokulele Airlines refuses to transport the passenger for any of the reasons stated in (Refusal to Transport) of the Mokulele Airlines Contract of Carriage.

Denied boarding procedures – denied boarding involuntarily

Passengers to include passengers traveling on zero fare tickets, such as Vouchers and Frequent Flyer Reward Tickets are
entitled to a payment of “denied boarding compensation” from Mokulele Airlines, unless:
1. The passenger has not fully complied with the Mokulele Airlines ticketing and check-in requirements, or the passenger
is not acceptable for transportation under Mokulele Airlines rules and practices.
2. Passengers are denied boarding because the flight is canceled.
3. A smaller capacity aircraft was substituted for safety or operational reasons.
4. A flight operating with an aircraft having 60 or fewer seats has safety-related weight/balance restrictions that limit
5. Passengers are offered accommodations in a section of the aircraft other than specified in their ticket; at no extra
charge (a passenger seated in a section for which a lower fare is charged must be given an appropriate refund).
6. Mokulele Airlines is able to place the passenger on another flight or flights that are planned to reach the final
destination within one hour of the scheduled arrival of the original flight.
If the passenger has been subjected to involuntary denied boarding, the passenger is entitled to one of the following forms
of compensation.

For domestic flights

• If the passenger’s arrival at his or her final destination is greater than one hour but less than two hours past their
original scheduled arrival, involuntary compensation is 200 percent of the sum of the values of the remaining flight
coupons of the ticket to the next stopover, but not to exceed $650
• If the passenger’s arrival at their final destination is two hours or more past their original scheduled arrival,
involuntary compensation is 400 percent of the sum of the values of the remaining flight coupons of the ticket to
the next stopover, but not to exceed $1300

Disclosure of travel itinerary, cancellation policies and aircraft configuration

1. Mokulele Airlines reservations and ticket agents provide verbal notification to those customers whose flights experience
a change of aircraft when booked on a flight with a single flight number.
2. Customers who do not use each flight coupon, use flight coupons out of sequence or have an unused segment in
the itinerary may cause the reservation to be canceled. Customers are advised to call Mokulele Airlines to cancel a
segment should their travel plans change.
3. Customers may request information regarding our general aircraft configuration at any time. Mokulele Airlines agents
are able to provide information regarding exit row seating, seating for physically-challenged passengers, seat
configuration, average seat size and pitch.

Ensure Good Customer Service from Codeshare Partners

We continually work together with our codeshare partners to provide seamless travel. Each codeshare
partner can ticket and make advance seat assignments when booking customers on a codeshare flight.
We and our domestic codeshare’s Customer Relations, Airport Services and Operations Departments
work closely to ensure consistent and quality customer relationship practices.

Be more Responsive to Customer complaints

We have assigned a customer service representative responsible for handling passenger complaints
and ensuring that all complaints are acknowledged within 30 days and responded to within 60 days.
Please submit your complaints within 60 days of incident so that they may be resolved accordingly.
Any complaints submitted after 60 days of incident will be recorded but will not guarantee a proper
resolution.To contact our customer relations department please visit http://www.mokuleleairlines.com
and refer to the Customer Service section. Alternately, you may contact our
Customer Relations Department at the address or email listed below.
Mokulele Airlines
Attn. Customer Care
73-350 U’u Street
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740