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Corporate Account


Over the past few years, you and your thriving businesses have helped to grow our operation tremendously, and for that we are extremely & humbly grateful. And, as inevitable with all growth, change and the need for adjustments to our current program and operations have become necessary.

The Mokulele Corporate Travel Program was designed to provide businesses and business owners some excellent benefits and cost saving discounts. With no cost to join and generous member benefits, Mokulele strives to keep this an integral part of our operation. As part of this initiative, we will begin implementing a new Corporate Membership Eligibility Requirement and we have also modified some of the corporate benefits.


New Booking System! Mokulele will also be making a system-wide transition to a new reservation software called SkyVantage Airline Management System, or SVAMS.  We are excited about this change as it will bring some great new capabilities and functions for our corporate users.  Users will now be able to create passenger profiles, which will allow you to store traveler names and information for quick retrieval.  Account administrators will also have the ability to view booking and transaction history reports for easy record-keeping.

Again, we thank you for your continued support of Mokulele Airlines and hope to keep improving our service and programs to better serve you. Should you have any questions regarding your Mokulele Corporate Account and/or the changes mentioned in this letter, please feel free to email your Mokulele Corporate Sales team by e-mail: corporate@mokuleleairlines.com


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Benefits extended to corporate members are:
  Special corporate rates on all flights
  No charge to stand by for an earlier flight on the same day of travel
  2 waived bag fees, up to 45 linear inches ($30 value)
  2 FREE changes per itinerary (just pay any applicable fare difference)
  Convenient and secured online access to your corporate account 24/7, allowing you to make
       changes or cancellations on your own time
  Ability to earn productivity based travel awards
 *please note: children flying under corporate accounts DO NOT receive the baggage waiver benefit.   Children uner the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult when flying under the corporate account

**Please be advised that in order to receive the above listed corporate benefits, you must book the Corporate Fares using your corporate account login.  If you book via our normal website or reservations office, you are able to book web specials, everyday low fare or no restrictions fares,  however, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE CORPORATE BENEFITS.**

Other airlines offer their corporate program only to businesses that produce high volumes of travel on an annual basis or to business that travel at least 300 one-way segments. Mokulele Airlines welcomes all businesses, small or large.

In order to receive the corporate perks, you MUST book ONLY fares in the far right column (Corporate Rates). Any other fares booked (everyday low fare, web special, etc) are subject to the normal fare rules and corporate perks DO NOT APPLY to those fares.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do businesses qualify:
Businesses must furnish a current G.E. Tax License or Federal EIN.  You must also have access to Chrome or Firefox web browsers.  To remain an active account, your company must travel a minimum of (50) one-way segments annually.

Is there a cost to sign up?
No, there is no cost to sign up.

Why use Mokulele Airlines corporate program?
The corporate program puts all your bookings in one place making it easy for the travel coordinators to keep track of your company's business travel through your corporate portal. Changes or cancellations may be done online thru your corporate portal. Corporate members are shown the corporate rates on their booking page which entitles them to the corporate benefits. However, they are also free to book any available fare offered on the booking page such as web specials, promotional fares, etc. but with no corporate benefits.