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Corporate Accounts- Alii 2

Ali`i II and Corporate Travel: Member Benefits, Policies, & Application         

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Friendly Reminders:

  • Please be advised that in order to receive the above listed benefits, you must be logged into your Corporate account and the Corporate (Ali’i2) fare must be booked.  Corporate Benefits and Segment credits will not be awarded to any bookings made outside of your Corporate portal.
  • Please note: children flying under corporate accounts DO NOT receive the baggage waiver benefit.   Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult when flying under the Account status will be reviewed annually in January of each calendar year. Remember, you must travel a minimum of 50 segments annually to qualify for the Mokulele Corporate Travel Program. Failure to meet this requirement will automatically result in movement to the Small Business Program.
  • You MUST book the Ali’i2 fare in order to receive the above mentioned benefits. The Ali’i2 fare can be found in the far right column of the flight selection screen.
    • If an Ali’i fare is not booked, normal bag & change fees will apply.  Bag fee exemption will not be honored.
  • Sporting Equipment (ie: golf bags, surfboards, gun cases, bicycles, etc.) are  EXEMPT  from the baggage waiver. The standard baggage fee will apply.
  • Maximum size and weight for FREE luggage is not to exceed 30”W x 15”H x 45”L and 50 lbs. Any overweight or oversize bags will incur the appropriate fees.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult when traveling on a corporate fare.
  • Children traveling on a corporate fare are  EXEMPT  from the baggage waiver. Normal bag fees will apply.
  • It is the responsibility of the account holder to communicate all policies, procedures and subsequent fees to account users and travelers.
  • Mokulele is not – responsible for any users who book under your corporate account and are not aware of the current policies and/or fees.
  • For privacy & security purposes, Mokulele will contact approved account administrators only. Any account changes, including password resets, notification emails, etc. will be sent to the approved Administrator(s) we have on file ONLY.
  • If you require updates to your company’s contact person(s) or contact information, please complete this  COMPANY UPDATE FORM   and return to us so that we may make the appropriate changes.


Apply To Our Corporate Travel Program

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