Declare Your Independence From High Fares

Jul 01

Take Off Over The 4th With Us.

In commemoration of the nation’s emancipation, Mokulele Airlines invites you to enjoy fares as low as $30 one-way*. So grab your kids, pack a cooler, and enjoy a flag waving, fire working three-day weekend. Camp on Molokai. Surf on Maui. Fish on the Big Island. Chill on Oahu. Go ahead and exercise your unalienable right to pursue happiness on any one of our over 100 daily flights.

Nonstop Flights Only – Book & Travel By July 6th, 2016
Fares As Low As…
From Molokai 
Molokai to Kapalua – $30
Molokai to Kalaeloa – $35
Molokai to Kahului – $35
Molokai to Honolulu – $50
Molokai to Kona – $75From Kapalua 
Kapalua to Molokai – $30
Kapalua to Kona – $50
Kapalua to Honolulu – $50From Kahului
Kahului to Molokai – $35
Kahului to Hana – $35
Kahului to Waimea – $39
Kahului to Kona – $59

From Hana
Hana to Kahului – $35

From Honolulu
Honolulu to Molokai – $56
Honolulu to Kapalua – $56

From Kalaeloa 
Kalaeloa to Molokai – $35

From Kona 
Kona to Kapalua – $50
Kona to Kahului – $59
Kona to Molokai – $75

From Waimea
Waimea to Kahului – $39

*Prices include taxes and fees. Seating at these prices are limited and available online. Discounted rates only available on nonstop flights. Rates subject to change. Book & Travel by July 6th. $25 change fee. Zero value after departure. Baggage and other optional fees apply. Offers only valid online at

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