Keeping our promise

Mar 31

Larger planes are on their way!

After Ohana stopped flying to Moloka’i and Lana’i, we were the only airline linking the communities to the outside world. And to be honest, that took us by surprise.

While the Cessna Caravan has been the mainstay of the fleet at Mokulele since 2007, we know its not the perfect plane for everyone. We’ve listened and watched countless airlines come and go – both in Hawai’i, but also around the world. Mokulele’s core business hasn’t changed – even though our logos may have over the past few years – but we have always been committed to providing reliable & affordable flights to our communities we serve.

Our owner, Southern Airways Express, made the promise to bring in a cabin-class airplane to the Isles to make travel easier for those who need more space when they fly, and also understanding that sometimes more than 9 people need to fly at once.

We carefully looked at all the options of available aircraft – and the Saab 340 is the best bet for us moving forward. The aircraft is still supported by the manufacturer, parts & training are readily available, and unlike our Embraer 170 from 2008 era – its right sized for the market.

We are going to be bringing over 2 Saab 340B models to the islands to fly from Honolulu to Lanai and Molokai, with at least 2 flights a day. The planes will be configured for 30 seats instead of 34 – so be sure to grab a spot behind the wing for more legroom! The aircraft will have a flight attendant, galley, and small lavatory. Bags can fit under the seat, and some may fit in the overhead bin. The aircraft are pressured to fly over 20,000 feet – hopefully we never get that high – but it makes the travel experience better as we can fly around weather better.

The Cessna Caravan will remain the mainstay of our fleet, but we’re happy to bring the right-sized cabin-class airplane that Lana’i and Moloka’i need.

We expect the aircraft to get the final FAA sign-offs in the next 60 days or so – the wait is almost over!

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