Hear From Our Customers Why They #FlyMokulele

Anuhea Totally Rocks. Play The Video To Hear  Why She Island Hops With Mokulele.

“I fly Mokulele because of their awesome customer service.” –  Edmund

“I fly Mokulele because when my hubby and I need a getaway close by, Mokulele has proven to be fast, affordable, convenient, and comfortable. We love flying Mokulele and we tell everyone that we do :)”-  Angelica

“I Fly Mokulele because they are reliable and have lots of flights to choose from. The employees are always smiling and friendly.”-  Jasper

“I fly Mokulele because I can travel to the Big Island to see family & friends and watch the Merrie Monarch Festival for less and enjoy my mini vacation more!”-  Auntie Lorna

“I fly Mokulele for its breath taking views cheap flights and on time services. I love the fact I don’t have to put my hands up walk through security bare feet like I stole something. I love the small planes its like taking a road trip in mom’s mini van to visit friends and family I also love that we have Mokulele in Kamuela Hawaii . I take off and fly in my own town with out the hour drive to Hilo or Kona just to get to the airport” –  Wennea

“I fly Mokulele because it’s like having my own private plane and pilot! There is no “bad” seat and the views are spectacular! Mokulele is definitely the no-hassle, all fun way to fly!”-  Jennifer

“I fly Mokulele because they’re the best and most trustworthy airlines in Hawai’i, without them I wouldn’t be able to island hop so conveniently and at a cheap price.”-  Sarah

“I Fly Mokulele because I love the adventure and fun flight.”-  Joseph

“I fly Mokulele because it’s affordable. Plus I get to listen to Local island Singer-Anuhea” (Puts me to sleep before I know it-I’m back on Moloka’i)”-  Desiree

“I fly Mokulele because it’s the only way to fly….with aloha!”-  Lisa

“I fly Mokulele because of great fares, friendly staff, and reliable service!”-  John

“I fly Mokulele because it gives my a great escape from the hustle and bustle!”-  Emily

“I fly Mokulele because life is too precious to waste in the security check line…”-  Stephen

“#iFlyMokulele because the staff is wonderful & it only takes minutes to board/de-board!”-  Kimmy

“I Fly Mokulele Because of their ALOHA spirit!”-  Ivalani

“I fly Mokulele because of the awesome views, no hassle-travel, and friendly staff!”-  Carina

“I fly Mokulele because I love not having to go through TSA and the awesome small airports they fly into!”-  Danielle

“I Fly Mokulele because I get to see this stunning views of the Hawaiian Islands through the big clear windows of the plane!”-  Kenneth

“I fly Mokulele because of the ONO looking view of the Hawaiian Islands as well as bringing back home to Oahu some ONO Moloka‘i Bread.”-  Janelle

“I Fly Mokulele because the Customer Service is GREAT, the Pilots are PLEASANT, and they rarely have delay flights! Service with a SMILE :)”-  Joe

“I Fly Mokulele because it takes me to the unspoiled Hawaiian paradise of Moloka‘i. I’m departing Honolulu now, Mahalo Mokulele.”-  Ryan

“I Fly Mokulele because it takes me to my home #Molokai where part of my heart still remains. #IFlyMokulele”-  Samantha

“I fly Mokulele because it always a family adventure and the views are magnificent.”-  Amanda

“I Fly Mokulele Because of their great customer service, convenient flights, cheap prices, and the PRICELESS views from the sky :-)”-  Ahmed

“I fly Molulele because you take me through scenery like no other. Cruising through the Sunsets of Hawaii’ !!”- Terri

“I fly Mokulele because, they don’t make me feel like a terrorist! Lol! No, but seriously, Only plenty of Aloha no matter what Island I’m on from these guys!! :)”-  Kila

“I fly Mokulele because, this guy spends so much time away from his family, that when he is home we like to escape life together!”-  Ashleyann

“I fly Mokulele because every destination deserves a journey!”-  Rina

“I fly Mokulele to skip the big airport connections and experience the joy of island hopping.”-  Brad

“I fly Mokulele because they have da best views!”-  Julie

“I fly Mokulele because my boys want to be future pilots so they enjoy watching, learning, and talking with the pilots. :0)”-  Hoopai

“I fly Mokulele because it’s convenient, comfortable seating, great prices, and beautiful views.”-  Wendy

“I Fly Mokulele because they give us an amazing opportunity to be together as family!”-  Christina

“We fly Mokulele because I can trust that your crew will take excellent care of my six-year-old flying by herself!”-  Monique

“I fly Mokulele because it’s convenient & affordable! They’re awesome!”-  Caryn

“I fly Mokelele because they make it easy and fun to experience the real Hawaii and live aloha”-  Chris

“I fly Mokulele because of several reasons – Short flights, great views, inexpensive, and my boyfriend can take his service dog with no problem! Mahalo Mokulele for accommodating us so well. A hui hou!”-  Leilani

“I fly Mokulele because they have local flare and great prices!!!!”-  Brauch

“I fly Mokulele because the crew is so friendly and welcoming and we get these rad sunset views!”-  Kahani

“I fly Mokulele because I can’t get enough of Hawaiian fishponds, rainbows, and waterfalls”-  Shannon

“I fly Mokulele because it’s fun and we take up the whole plane haha”-  Mark

“I fly Mokulele because they have cute pilots”-  Debs

“I fly Mokulele because the crew is so friendly and welcoming and we get these rad sunset views!”-  Kahani

“I fly Mokulele because it makes me Jump For Joy!”-  Dian

“I Fly Mokulele Because of your on time service to Molokai.”-  Dolly

“I fly Mokulele because I can view the beautiful canvas of the Hawaiian skies close up.”-  Kevin

“I fly Mokulele because they have direct flights from Kalaeloa to Kahului so I can get my Ululani shave ice fix! #IFlyMokulele”-  Kerry

“I fly Mokulele because the view is one of a kind.”-  Jan

“I fly Mokukele because it’s the most convenient way for me too hop between my two favorite islands to visit my boyfriend”-  Teana

“We fly Mokulele our Ohana can visit us without hassle of the busy airports!” –  Samantha

“I fly Mokulele because it’s the airline that ALWAYS takes me to be with my family.”-  Jim

“fly Mokulele Airlines because they are always on time. Everyone who works there are awesome always courteous, helpful & pleasant. I love flying with Mokulele.”-  Rollanda

“I fly Mokulele Because It’s The Only Way To See The True Beauty of Diamondhead!”-  Leon

“I fly Mokulele Airlines to see my wife as she works on Moloka‘i as the Principle of Moloka‘i Middle School”-  Ray

“We fly Mokulele because It’s Budget Friendly, Family Welcomed, Has Awesome Views, We Get To Visit Our Friends & Family, And We LOVE The Adventure of Riding a Smaller Plane 🙂 #WeBrave #WeLoveTheThrill #iFlyMokulele”-  Riley

“I fly Mokulele because it’s mo bettah flying inter island this way with the beautiful view I get to have the entire way ( this was taken from my seat flying into Kahalui with Mokulele)”- Tehani

“I fly Mokulele because they treat you like rock stars in your own private jet!”-  Robin

“I fly Mokulele because they help the little guys do the big things! Thankful to be living in an era where we can take to the skies and have things done the same day we think of them. Thank you Mokulele for always being there for me and my family, bless.”-  Max

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