Wikiwiki Package Services

Airport Counter-To-Counter Service

Wikiwiki shipments are sent on a standby basis only. We reserve the right to refuse shipment of any item(s), including cooked, chilled or frozen foods. Acceptance of any item(s) for shipment does not constitute acceptance of any liability. We are not responsible for any delay, loss, or damage of any item(s) for any reasons. All packages and boxes will be inspected. Items found to be of an illegal nature will be confiscated and turned over to either local or federal law enforcement.

Mokulele Airlines is pleased to announce its Wikiwiki Package Service covering 5 islands and 10 airports. The service is ‘airport counter to airport counter’ for both drop off and pick up of packages. All items must meet our size and weight limits and not contain any hazardous or illegal substances. In most cases, the service is same day, usually within hours after receiving your package. Should we encounter flight delays, extremely full flights or cancellations, same day delivery cannot be guaranteed at all locations for all times.

Package Dimensions
The allowable size for suitcases, boxes, coolers, or any item that will be stowed in our cargo bays are as follows: width 30 inches; height 15 inches; depth 48 inches. These are maximums and limited to one storage bay. Other storage areas have smaller dimensions (e.g. 27”w x 13.5”h x 48”d). We will try to accommodate items that fit those dimensions. The maximum weight of any item can be no more than 70 lbs. Styrofoam containers are not allowed, but they may be placed within another leakproof box, tub, or cooler.

Sports equipment (surfboards, bicycles, crossbow and standard bow cases, etc.), that fall within the allowable dimensions will be carried on a case-by-case basis. We will not ship firearms of any type (rifles & handguns), including ammunition. Shipping crossbows and bows must be in locked, hard cases. Airguns are also restricted from shipping, regardless of classification.

Airports We Service
Ho‘olehua • Kalaupapa
Lāna‘i City
Kahului • Kapalua • Hāna
Kailua Kona • Waimea

Shipping Rates (per piece – subject to 6.25% Federal Transportation Tax)
$ 8.00 Flat Rate Envelope (up to 5 lbs.; must fit in a 9×12 envelope; does not have to be totally flat)
$10.00 Flat Rate Item (up to 5 lbs.)
$15.00 Flat Rate Item (up to 10 lbs.)
$20.00 Flat Rate Item (up to 20 lbs.)
$30.00 Flat Rate Item (up to 35 lbs.)
$40.00 Flat Rate Item (up to 50 lbs.)
$50.00 Flat Rate Item (up to 70 lbs.)
$20.00 Flat Rate per Animal (see below)

Sports Equipment (per piece – subject to 6.25% Federal Transportation Tax)
$10.00 Small Sports Equipment — fishing rods, spears, spearguns (Kama‘aina Special up to 15 lbs.)
$40.00 Large Sports Equipment — surfboard, bicycle, archery equipment, etc. up to 50 lbs
$60.00 Extra Large Sports Equipment — surfboard, bicycle, archery equipment, etc. up to 70 lbs

Mokulele only accepts these debit/credit cards at our counters. All rates subject to 6.25% Federal Transportation Tax.

Refrigerated/Chilled Items
Mokulele will not be responsible for any spoilage due to delayed departure or arrival of your shipped chilled or frozen items. We do not provide nor have cold storage facilities at our airports. Items must be securely wrapped in a box or container that prevents moisture from leaking due to condensation (plastic bags are no longer allowed for any perishable items). Frozen water (ice) is absolutely not allowed, even if in a sealed container. Consigner, Consignee, or both will be responsible for repairs to the aircraft for any liquid damage caused by your shipped item(s) (minimum charge is $150.00). Seafood and prepared foods will be accepted only if it is wrapped in sealed protective material and packed in a leak-proof container. MW does not accept Styrofoam containers. Dry Ice may be used but is subject to the maximum 5.5 lb. limit. See our Contract of Carriage for more details.

Mokulele will allow certain animals (not dogs and cats) to be shipped through our service. Each animal will be charged $20.00 regardless of how many may be contained in one crate/container. Containers must have a solid, leak-proof bottom and must fit through the opening of our cargo pod area (opening sizes are mentioned above in the Package Dimensions section). The cargo area has no lighting, is not temperature controlled, and is not pressurized. Also, please keep in mind that our aircraft can attain altitudes of 10,500 feet above sea level for periods of 15 to 30 minutes at a time. Animals can only travel on single flights. They cannot be shipped on a multi-flight trip.

Just like any other cargo item, they will travel on a standby basis where passengers and baggage are carried first. Animals will not be allowed to stay overnight so you must provide working phone numbers. Animals not claimed will be turned over to the local Humane Society as abandoned. Customer will also need to fill in and sign the Customer Acknowledgment Form for Animal Transport that releases Carrier from any liability for damages or death of any animal. A list of prohibited animals established by the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture can be found by clicking here. Mokulele still reserves the right to restrict/prohibit other animals that may not be mentioned on that list. Please refer to our Contract of Carriage for more details on transporting Animals. Live animals cannot fly on the same flight that is carrying Dry Ice.

Hazardous/Restricted Materials
Mokulele Airlines will not accept shipment of any hazardous materials and other items, to include:

  • Flammable gasses and solids; combustible liquids (e.g. lighter fluid)
  • Poisonous (toxic) and Infectious substances
  • Items that contain acids (e.g. car batteries)
  • Explosives (such as fireworks)
  • Radioactive material
  • Corrosives
  • Battery-Powered Portable Electronic Smoking Devices (e.g., e-cigarettes, e-cigs, e-cigars, e-pipes, personal vaporizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems)
  • Firearms of any type, including ammunition, and all airguns
  • Medication of any type (prescription as well as over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Alcoholic Beverages (liquor, including beer)
  • Styrofoam containers (but may be placed within another leakproof box, tub, or cooler)
  • Decorated Pastries, Pies, or Cakes (including frosting)

General Information
Mokulele Airlines staff & flight crews reserve the right to, and will inspect your package and its contents for the safety and security of our passengers, aircraft, and your cargo. Mokulele strives to get your package out on the next available flight. We will accept food if in sealed, leak-proof containers.

Even though we try to keep your items in cool, dry locations both before and after flight, there are times when it may be subject to normal sunlight and warming may occur. Also, your box or container may be subject to some movement both before, during, and after the flight. Please keep this in mind when packing your items. They should be wrapped to prevent jostling should we encounter ‘bumps’ along the way. We are not responsible for any damage due to cold, heat, or turbulence while in our possession.

Shipments Not Picked Up
Mokulele does not provide nor have adequate storage space to hold items overnight, nor does our insurance allow us to provide coverage for any items that are left unattended. Therefore, we cannot hold items overnight. If you do not pick up your items by the time the station closes, the items are no longer the responsibility of Mokulele Airlines or its employees. An overnight holding fee of $50.00 for each item will be assessed for each day the item is not picked up. After 7 days, the item will become the property of Mokulele Airlines.

Sample items we can ship:

Computers Tools Fresh Fruits Non-decorated Pastries
Flowers Printed Items Electronics Secure Envelopes
Clothing Cell Phones Doughnuts Cookies & Candies
Dry Foods Car Keys Gifts Automobile Parts